Guerrilla Marketing Campaign

The purpose of the project was to create a charity based around social justice. It involved creating the logo with a tool kit, a visual identity, and a marketing campaign. I’m really proud how this turned out. The X and Y chromosomes hidden in the logo represent DNA and how that DNA can affect a pets physical and emotional features.

healthy breed logo

The guerrilla ad for this campaign would involve these bright colourful stickers that would be placed on straw dispensers in fast-food restaurants around the city. It would be interactive as when a customer goes to get a straw for their beverage it will call them to think about how hard it can be for flat-faced pets to breath, and even use the straw they grab to test out how it feels for themselves.

healthy breed mockup healthy breed stickers

Another marketing piece I included was this flier that would be handed out in mail boxes. To open it, the reader has to rip the perforated ears, there by forcibly cropping the dog’s ears. The inside of the flyer would have more information about ear cropping and tail docking, the dangers of it, and a link to the charity’s social media.

healthy breed flier

Below are some other fun mockups of potential products.

healthy breed pins healthy breed keychain healthy breed instagram